Description: Physical Therapist     Position Type: Professional

Closing Date:  Until Filled             Starting Date: August 24, 2021

Location/Building:  Delta- Schoolcraft ISD        Responsible to:  The Director and Supervisor of Special Education            

Length of contract year:  2021/2022 Part Time Position



  1. Be recommended by a college or university offering an appropriate training program as approved by the State Board of Education.
  2. Physical Therapist License from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Board of Physical Therapy


Service Provider will carry out the physical therapy requirements of the child’s IEP/IFSP as designated by the IEP/IFSP Team. Develop and maintain a schedule of student contacts consistent with the IEP/IFSP requirements which will be available to instructional and administrative personnel. Utilize co-teaching techniques within the classroom or home setting as a means of transferring recommended treatment programs from the therapist to classroom personnel, parents, or care providers. Maintain adequate records, progress monitoring, and assessment data to be used by the IEP/IFSP Team in planning for the needs of the student. Obtain and maintain on file a written prescription from a physician that states the parameters of treatment and habilitation for each eligible student.


Desirable Qualifications

  1. Knowledge and experience in identifying students with disabilities.
  2. Knowledge of Special Education law.
  3. Experience in consultation strategies and working with community agencies.
  4. Experience in assessment, data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
  5. Experience in administering and interpreting a variety of assessments.
  6. Experience in developing academic and behavioral interventions.
  7. Background in learning and behavior management.
  8. Experience in leading problem-solving teams through data-based decision-making.
  9. Experience with training and monitoring the implementation of a variety of research-based intervention programs.
  10. Ability to clearly express ideas and concepts verbally and in writing.
  1. Assessment/Diagnostic
  1. Conduct comprehensive evaluations for determining special education eligibility.
  2. Complete all evaluation reports in a timely manner consistent with the DSISD process and procedural mandates.
  3. Serve as a member of the Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Team, providing supportive assessment data and consultation to team members and case management as assigned by supervisor.
  4. Prepare and interpret social or developmental histories and assessments and also obtain parent/guardian input for the assessment process
  5. Utilize a variety of assessments to determine the need for special education services.
  6. Provide analysis and interpretation of information and data in oral and written reports. Interpret diagnostic findings to parents.
  7. Provide appropriate recipient parties with all written reports completed as a part of the referral/diagnostic process.
  8. Assist parents in the understanding of decisions, procedures, and other questions of concern affecting their children in the IEP/IFSP Team process.
  9. Participate in Individualized Educational Planning Team meetings, write and maintain specific measurable IEP/IFSP goals and objectives, and assist with the development of other IEP/IFSP goals and objectives.

 Performance Responsibilities

  1. Provide Special Education administration with the necessary information required for monitoring activities.
  2. Attend, upon request, weekly scheduled student staffing meetings.
  3. Regular, reliable attendance.
  4. Regular attendance at scheduled department/discipline meetings.
  5. Complete and send home progress reports.
  6. Maintain ongoing contact with parents to assist them in the development of a realistic understanding of their child’s abilities, progress, and future goals.
  7. Provide recommendations for educational interventions to assist classroom personnel with student learning, achievement, and behavior.
  8. Active member of creating, reviewing, analyzing, and revising implementation plans and interventions.
  9. Use data-based decision-making to lead a problem-solving model in dealing with student academic and behavioral concerns.
  10. Consult with principals, staff members, and parents/guardians to assist students in making academic progress.
  11. Ability to develop and maintain acceptable relationships with school staff.
  12. Required to travel throughout Delta and Schoolcraft counties to service our local school districts and PSA.


  1. Complete timely service logs for all Medicaid eligible students on your caseload into the ISE system (if so assigned by the department administration).
  2. Maintain and submit monthly service/activity log.
  3. Maintain working files for caseload, including test protocol information.
  4. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director or Supervisor of Special Education.

 Physical Therapy Interns

  1. Meet with university personnel to establish procedures for internship.
  2. Develop contracts with interns identifying expectations and activities to be accomplished during the internship.
  3. Provide midterm and final evaluation data as requested by the university.


  1. Develop and implement in-service training programs in areas of interest and expertise.
  2. Actively keep abreast of current research and innovative techniques through educational journals, workshops, conferences, and other professional readings and activities.

 Coordination of Physician Medical Scripts

  1. Schedule monthly physician consults with DSISD contracted physician.
  2. Coordinate and schedule monthly physician consults with local district representatives (nurses, teachers, principals, therapists, etc.)
  3. Present and review all therapy goals and objectives to DSISD contracted physician (speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy) for physician signature per Medicaid guidelines.